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Economy Speed Ladder
Economy Speed Ladder Product Code : ASPLAX Brand : Tempest
20'L x 20"W. 12 adjustable yellow plastic rings is featured with this Speed Ladder. Red nylon webbbi..
Price: $35.00
6 Inch Speed Hurdle Set
6 Inch Speed Hurdle Set Product Code : SPH66SET Brand : Tempest
Set of 6 colors 6” speed hurdles...
Price: $56.65
Hurdle Cone Set
Hurdle Cone Set Product Code : HRDCNS Brand : Tempest
Ideal for agility, speed and plyometric drills. Adjustable from 4" to 18". Set consists of 8 hurdle ..
Price: $99.99
Speed Hurdle Set
Speed Hurdle Set Product Code : SPHSET Brand : Tempest
Speed hurdles Set. One each of 8”, 10”, 12” and 14” plastic hurdles graduated sizes for speed traini..
Price: $50.65
Outdoor Agility Poles
Outdoor Agility Poles Product Code : APSET Brand : Tempest
This set features four 66" poles with spring loaded stokes so poles stay in place as drills are run...
Price: $48.50
Speed Chut
Speed Chut Product Code : SPCHT Brand : Tempest
A great way to improve your sprint speed, explosiveness, acceleration and lower body strength with a..
Price: $58.60
Disc Cone Hurdles
Disc Cone Hurdles Product Code : DCHST Brand : Tempest
• The set features 12 LDC disc cones, • 4 each Blue, Orange and Yellow • 4 grooves at the top allowi..
Price: $103.00
Mini Tennis Set
Mini Tennis Set Product Code : SMTNSET Brand : Tempest
Great for indoor/outdoor play. Sets up in minutes. Made from lightweight steel. Includes carrying ca..
Price: $126.16
Coaching Sticks
Coaching Sticks Product Code : CS6PK Brand : Tempest
• PVC uprights. • Round steel base with steel ground pegs. • Colors available: Blue, Red & Yello..
Price: $42.00
Soccer Tennis
Soccer Tennis Product Code : NSTSET Brand : Tempest
Soccer Tennis is a great practice for drills. Net is 10’W x 2’ 4”H. Includes 2 metal poles, guide ro..
Price: $39.85
Agility Hurdles
Agility Hurdles Product Code : AGIHUR Brand : Tempest
• Indoor / outdoor set of 4 hurdles• 8 poles, 4 crossbars, 8 clips and 8 dome bases• Uprights are 60..
Price: $116.50
Speed Harness
Speed Harness Product Code : ASPH Brand : Tempest
• Nylon harness with padded shoulder strap & foam covered PVC handle. •  Harness fits into 10’ l..
Price Range : $18.50 - $25.00
Speed Hurdles
Speed Hurdles Product Code : SPHUR Brand : Tempest
Speed hurdles are perfect for speed & jumping drills. Adjust the space between each hurdle for s..
Price Range : $9.00 - $10.25
Adult Reversible Pinnies
Adult Reversible Pinnies Product Code : TSCSNP3 Brand : Tempest
DOZEN PRICING • Heavyweight nylon reversible pinnie with one-piece elastic waistband Available Siz..
Price: $54.00
12 Inch Speed Hurdle
12 Inch Speed Hurdle Product Code : SPH12 Brand : Tempest
Speed hurdles are perfect for speed & jumping drills. Adjust the space between each hurdle for s..
Price: $9.50